4 Reasons You Should Avoid Building a DIY Deck

Adding a deck to your home can increase its value and provide additional living space. It also creates a private oasis in your backyard, tailored specifically to you and your family's needs. If you decide on building a deck, the next decision is whether you tackle the job on your own or bring in the pros. While a DIY deck is possible, it's time-consuming, expensive, and hazardous if you don't know what you're doing.

You can avoid unnecessary hassle and save yourself a lot of time by working with a professional deck builder. Thanks to their extensive background and skills in deck construction, they can make your ideal deck a reality. Here are four reasons you should avoid a DIY deck and instead rely on a professional deck builder.

1. Professionals Build it Correctly

If you build a DIY deck, it's easy to make mistakes that make the deck unstable. Hiring a professional ensures that your deck is safe and built up to code for years of family use.

Since it's their job, deck contractors are experts at installing decks and other outdoor spaces and can advise you on the best materials to meet your needs. When hiring professionals, homeowners can rest assured that the job will be done right, and if any problems arise, the specialists can fix them swiftly. If there are any issues, professionals often have a limited warranty as well as insurance that protects them and you from injury.

2. Professionals Plan it Effectively

Designing and planning your deck is necessary before buying materials. Is the design you're thinking of possible? How big should the deck be? Are you planning to include stairs, lighting, and a railing on your deck? Don't beat yourself up if you're feeling overwhelmed. Deck design and planning require a lot of thought, effort, and foreknowledge about your property and the rules. It's not as simple as it may seem at first. 

By hiring a skilled deck builder, you can be sure that the finished deck will complement the structure and look of your home. Most professional deck builders have software that can show you what your deck will look like, so you’ll know exactly what you're getting.

3. Professionals Save You Money

Once you have an idea of the size and type of deck you want, getting a few quotes can help you calculate a rough estimate. While building a DIY deck may save you money in the short term, the amount of time you spend building it on your own, as well as the cost of any repairs due to inexperience, may end up costing you more in the long run.

Mistakes like incorrectly measuring posts or severing a water connection happen much more often than you might think and can be expensive and take longer to fix.

4. Professionals Get it Done Quicker

Deck builders not only provide decks of greater quality, but they also construct the decks in a shorter amount of time. They construct decks on a daily basis, which allows them to become more efficient in their work and schedule.

If you want to build a deck on your own, it may take you several weeks to finish all of the necessary labor. Still, there are a lot of companies that specialize in deck construction and can complete the deck in just a few weeks.

Trust the Industry-Experts

Contact us today to create an outdoor living area that not only realizes your dreams but also flows in harmony with the rest of your home's design.

By using our comprehensive structural designs, you will have access to a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted design, in addition to the paperwork and engineer seals essential for obtaining state permits.

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4 Deck Maintenance Tips to Avoid Deck Repairs

Decks are constantly exposed to the weather and other elements, so it's important to develop a deck maintenance plan to keep them safe and avoid costly deck repairs. A well-cared-for deck can make a huge difference in the outdoor space of your home. Here are some deck maintenance tips to keep your deck in great shape.

1. Clean the Deck

Begin by using a garden hose or power washer to blast the debris out between the deck boards. Some treatments, such as bleaching, are good for getting rid of mildew, and others, like acid treatments, are good for getting rid of graying and stains. After eradicating mildew, bleach can leave a dull, washed-out surface. Use a decking restorer with acid for these kinds of problems. Or stick to bleach alternatives like oxalic acid to get rid of stains and discoloration.

Be sure to read the cleaning solution instructions and warnings carefully. The solutions can be brushed on or sprayed on with a low-pressure power washer. More potent chemicals require less scrubbing. After the chemicals have worked, rinse the deck. Remember, too much pressure can damage the wood.

2. Perform Deck Repairs As Needed

Check the deck for damage once you've cleaned it. Check for sagging, cracked, or rotting planks. It's important to address even minor problems as soon as they arise to avoid an even costlier deck repair later. Nails and screws can become loose due to the expansion and contraction of aged lumber. Drive them back in with a hammer or a screwdriver. Rusty nails and screws can weaken a deck's stability and change the wood's color, so it's best to replace them as quickly as possible.

As part of your regular deck maintenance, check the flashing to avoid having to make expensive deck repairs in the future. These are the metal or plastic shields where the deck joins the house. Look for any cracks or fissures that could allow water to enter. Ideally, water should be able to drain off the deck and into the ground or grass below.

3. Seal the Deck

Use a brush made of natural bristles to effectively spread a deck sealer. While a roller would get the job done more quickly, a brush can get deeper into the grain and pores. If you want the sealant to hold, apply it where the boards are butting. Work the deck sealer along the length of three or four boards at a time.

The greater the sealer's opaqueness, the better its resistance to weather and wear. The texture and natural beauty of the wood are better highlighted by lighter coatings.

4. Check for Pests

Decks made of any materials can attract a wide range of unwanted guests, such as bark beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood borers, snakes, and rats. 

You can also try planting herbs and flowers around your deck to deter insects. For example, using aromatic plants like garlic, citronella, and rosemary reduces the number of mosquitoes and other biting insects around your deck. Many pests can also be kept at bay with the help of plants like chives and lemongrass.

Assemble Your Deck with the Best

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