7 Deck Design Ideas For 2023

A deck is an important component of your forever home. Not only are they a great investment for your property, but they're also perfect for a variety of activities, including family get-togethers, cookouts, swimming, relaxing, and more. But with so many different deck designs out there, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you and your family. Here's a list of the best deck design ideas for 2023 to help inspire you.

1. Consider Composite Decking

If you want a low-maintenance deck that lasts for many years, choose composite decking. Composite decking is currently the most popular type of decking material. Many composite decking companies boast a natural wood appearance that doesn’t expand, compress, warp, or fracture like natural wood. This is due to the fact that composite wood decking is made of a blend of wood fibers and plastic.

This means that not only are they resistant to fading, but they also don't need to be stained or treated. Additionally, some companies like MoistureShield have crafted a product that can resist the heat to keep your deck cool year-round.

One thing to keep in mind about composite decking is that it is more expensive than traditional wood decks. So it's crucial to budget appropriately if considering this option.

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2. Include an Outdoor Kitchen

Who doesn't love a barbecue get-together? An outdoor kitchen on your deck can really transform your family gatherings! This could be something as simple as just including a built-in grill or adding in a sink, refrigerator, or bar. The number of elements you decide to include in your outdoor kitchen is ultimately up to you.

When designing your outdoor living space, it is important to choose furniture that can withstand the elements and is practical and inviting while complementing your deck design.

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3. Add a Pergola

A deck design that has a pergola built on top of it is a popular design choice. This is a stylish and practical choice because it keeps the sun out while letting light and fresh air in. In addition, you can customize your pergola to fit the design of your deck. Not to mention, you can always add additional decorations to the rafters, such as lights or vines.

4. Get Warm with a Fire Pit

Is there anything more ideal than gathering around a fire pit on a cold winter evening? Fire pits are a great way to spend time outside with loved ones and close friends. Plus, they come in different sizes and styles, so you can find one that matches your taste. Although you can buy a fire pit on your own, it's better to have your deck builders include it in the plan for your backyard. That way you don't have to worry about the dimensions or style clashes—the fire pit will be built specifically for your deck and needs. 

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5. Incorporate Nature

Decks can be stained or painted in a wide variety of colors, depending on personal preference. However, if you live in a place with a lot of natural beauty, it may be a good idea to style your deck using colors that are found in nature. Incorporate colors that blend in with the surrounding hues to create an even more natural atmosphere.

There may be natural obstacles in the way of your design, such as trees and other types of vegetation, that need to be navigated around, but instead of cutting down what is already growing, you could use it to make your deck look even better. This may take more planning, but if you want a design that is unique to your property, the extra effort is well worth it.

6. Put in a Pool or Hot Tub

It's no secret that pools and hot tubs make for a far more enjoyable outdoor space, whether you're entertaining friends and family or treating yourself to some much-deserved R&R. Plus, pools are easily customizable to fit your outdoor aesthetic. You can incorporate whatever you like into your personal oasis, from ambient lighting to a grotto, a beautiful waterfall, and more.

Aside from the different looks and shapes of a pool, there's just so much you can do with them that makes them a fantastic addition to any backyard. If you have kids, pools are a great way to keep them entertained. If you're looking for a way to stay fit, you can make regular exercise a part of your routine by using your own private pool.

Not to mention, a pool is a great investment for your property as it raises the value of your home.

7. Be Bold with Color

The standard color scheme for decks consists of earthy tones like brown, gray, or red. Color can be used to distinguish your outdoor space and create flair.

The right furniture or throw pillows can really set the mood for your deck's aesthetic, as can incorporating potted plants and bright flowers to elevate your outdoor space.

Build With Quality

Decksouth can help you design, build, and furnish your dream outdoor living area. If you're looking for an award-winning deck designer and builder in the greater Atlanta area, look no further.

Contact us today, and our dedicated team of professionals will assist you in bringing your ideas to life.

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