January 12, 2022

Making Atlanta Outdoor Living Worthwhile

By John Lea //

Bulldogs and Falcons games, Fourth of July and Labor Day holidays, birthdays and family reunions deserve a magnificent setting. Quality family time and business entertainment both need the proper foundation to carry it off. It isn’t just in stone or brick flooring, a fireplace or a fire pit, luxurious furniture and steaks grilling. It’s in the breeze in the trees, the sound of birds singing and kids playing along with the fountain chuckling. Added together, all these make Atlanta outdoor living worthwhile.

Still Rare

No, not the steaks, the outdoor room. When cable TV shows began showing the world what an outdoor room could do, it seemed that everywhere we turned, everyone was talking about it, writing about it and collecting pictures of it. What no one talked quite so much about was the fact that outdoor living, while adding value to a home, is expensive. Only an estimated 55 percent of homeowners could afford to build an outdoor room in 2013.

Lifestyle Changes

Now that you’ve decided to have an outdoor room added to your home, take a good look at your property. What are its strengths? Is it mildly or steeply graded, short but wide or long and slim? Is there a focal point in the yard? Do you want the outdoor room materials to match your home or to be a contrast to it? Decksouth will make your dream into a reality, but you’ll need to know if the property will make it worthwhile.

Healthy Living

Medical science is finding that the out of doors is a healthy place to be. Stress disappears, fresh air and sunshine are good for the body and communing with nature is good for the soul. Additionally, it is a fact that people who get outdoors for at least part of the day live longer. When the outdoor living space perfectly matches or complements your home, you’ll live longer just enjoying it!


Well, a party would be nice, but we were thinking more of the stars. Listening as ducks and geese chatter on their way to warmer climes, watching moths as they dance around the lights illuminating your outdoor room and teaching the kids about the heavens definitely make outdoor living worthwhile.

Lighting the Way

Of course you’ll want everyone to be properly awestruck and admiring of your wonderful new addition. Tiki torches are nice. An electric light on a decorative pole is okay. However, to properly showcase your new room, you’ll need LED lights in strategic spots. They are pure light, put off no heat at all and last almost forever. They can be put into all sorts of decorative fixtures, so get creative! They’re a tad expensive, but since they last almost five years, they’ll pay for themselves soon enough.

One thing those cable TV shows did for families is get them back together. Outdoor living has brought more kids back home from the mall for a great family evening than ever before. More parents are staying home, although they are still networking even outdoors, than staying at work late. And that, ladies and gents, is what makes living outdoors in Atlanta worthwhile. Please contact us with your ideas for your outdoor room.